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Inaugural ‘Korea Medical Innovation Research Forum’ regular seminar, a success

  • To be registered as an official research organization by the National Assembly Secretariat… Expected to become Korea’s leading medical think tank
  • Planning to initiate global multinational clinical projects in digital therapeutics
  • Establishing a future medical system centered around prevention and management… Expanding digital medical services

SEOUL, South Korea, April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Amid growing concerns about a medical crisis as a result of acute conflict between the government and the medical community due to an increase in the quota of medical school admission, the regular seminar of the Korea Medical Innovation Research Forum (KMIRF) kicked off; experts from various fields of the medical field gathered to prepare for future medical reform. It was held at Andaz Seoul Gangnam on the 17th of April.

First ‘Korea Medical Innovation Research Forum’ regular seminar
First ‘Korea Medical Innovation Research Forum’ regular seminar

KMIRF was launched last March by experts in various fields of the medical industry, and is co-represented by Dae Hee Kang, former dean of Seoul National University College of Medicine, current president of the Telemedicine Society, and Jong Yoon Lim, former chairman of the Bio Association, registered director of Hanmi Science and chairman of COREE Group.

Medical experts who serve as steering and working committee members of each division, including co-representatives Dae Hee Kang and Jong Yoon Lim, gathered and led a heated discussion for medical reform. In addition, the newly elected People Power Party Representatives Cheolsoo Ahn, Soomin Park, and Democratic Party Representative Do-geol Ahn (via video conference) attended and advocated the Forum at the National Assembly level.

Co-representative Jong Yoon Lim mentioned the urgency of addressing immediate medical reform in his opening speech and said, “Medical intellectual property rights belong to the country and the people, and in order to improve the country’s global competitiveness and future value in medicine, we need to go beyond Healthcare 4.0 and create a national and permanent proposition.” “We will definitely propose future medical innovation policies,” he said. “We plan to hold regular seminars for KMIRF at least six times a year and frequently put forward future medical innovation policies with the cooperation of experts and policymakers in each field.”

In his congratulatory address, Rep. Cheolsoo Ahn said, “The paradigm of health care has completely changed through COVID-19, and now, as part of medical reform, we need to establish a ‘future-oriented legal system’ that recognizes upcoming technological and social changes, and eliminates regulations that may become obstacles in advance.” He emphasized, “It is time to play a role in preparing ahead for the future,” and added, “I hope that KMIRF will be play a central role for this change.”

Co-representative Dae Hee Kang emphasized the importance and revitalization of digital healthcare and personalized preventive medicine through a presentation on the topic of ‘Future Medicine and Digital Healthcare’, as well as laying out the purpose and role in the establishment of KMIRF along with future goals. He also explained the operation plan and said, “We plan to register as an official research group within the National Assembly Secretariat and will fulfill our role as Korea’s representative medical think tank.” Industrial Division Director Mahn Soon Hwang gave a presentation on ‘Bio-Industry Trends’ and emphasized the importance of the country, companies, and investments for the development of the bio-ecosystem and medical reform.

In addition, a free discussion was commenced in relation to digital health, especially digital therapeutics, as with new therapeutics. It was suggested that regulatory bodies should be able to determine the price and fee structure that will compensate private companies for their enormous investment in clinical research at the time of approval, and came to a consensus that the tone should be set globally in which any country applying for clinical trials or regulatory approval should be adequately recompensed according to such profit structure logic. As the first step in accomplishing this vision, we have decided to pursue a project regarding multi-national digital therapeutics’ clinical trials around the world.

Hee Hwang, CEO of Kakao Healthcare, expressed his encouragement by saying that he deems it as a very timely strategy and said, “As a healthcare expert, I will utilize my expertise to help with the research group’s first project.”

Hong Taek Yong, a professor at Hanyang University (former 1st Vice Minister of Science and Technology), said, “I am looking forward to the role of Hanyang University at a time when innovative policies need to be promoted in order to incorporate the remarkable advancements in science and technology into healthcare, and I will do my best to contribute as a member.”

Professor In Taek Lim of Catholic University (former Director of the Health and Medical Policy Office of the Ministry of Health and Welfare) said, “In order to effectively respond to the rapidly changing medical environment and technological changes, our medical system must develop into human-centered digital-based medical care, and the launch of KMIRF at this time is critical.” “We will strive to ensure that the research committee stands at the center of this,” he said.

Meanwhile, the KMIRF aims to create a healthcare ecosystem where the government, medical community, companies, and citizens can coexist, establishing a future healthcare system centered around prevention and management, and resolving intergenerational and regional medical service imbalances through digital medicine, and other platforms. It will be a proponent in presenting ways to expand access to medical services. In addition, it plans to serve as a bridge through which medical policymakers and decision-makers can come together to commonly recognize and empathize with the all related policies that are put forth.

KMIRF is comprised of policy, human resources, and industry divisions; while Hong Taek Yong, former 1st Vice Minister of Science and ICT, leads the policy division, Yu Mi Seo, former 11th director of the Korea Education and Research Information Service, heads the human resources division, and Mahn Soon Hwang, current CEO of Korea Investment Partners leads the industrial division. 

First ‘Korea Medical Innovation Research Forum’ regular seminar
First ‘Korea Medical Innovation Research Forum’ regular seminar

First ‘Korea Medical Innovation Research Forum’ regular seminar
First ‘Korea Medical Innovation Research Forum’ regular seminar

[Appendix] Korea Medical Innovation Research Forum Steering Committee



Dae Hee Kang

Former Dean of Seoul National University College of Medicine / Current President of the Telemedicine Society

Jong Yoon Lim

Former Chairman of the Bio Association / Current Chairman of COREE Group / Current Internal Director of Hanmi Science

Hong Taek Yong

Former First Vice Minister of Science and ICT / Current Professor at Hanyang University

In Taek Lim

Former Director of Health and Medical Policy, Ministry of Health and Welfare / Current Research Professor, Graduate School of Health and Medical Management, Catholic University of Korea

Oh Sang Kwon

Former Deputy Director of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety / Current Visiting Professor at Seoul National University

Kil Won Kim

Current President of Korea Medical Biotechnology Association

Yu Mi Seo

Former 11th Director of Korea Education and Research Information Service

Jong Il Kim

Current Dean of Department of Medical Sciences, Seoul National University

Yoo Suk Hong

Current Dean of College of Engineering, Seoul National University

Mahn Soon Hwang

Current CEO of Korea Investment Partners

Sung Kwan Jung

Current Medical Vice Chairman of the Korean Hospital Association / Chairman of the Board of Directors of Our Children’s Hospital, Our Children’s Medical Foundation

Byung Ho Nam

Former Professor at Boston University / Current CEO of Herings, Co. Ltd.

Hee Hwang

Current CEO of Kakao Healthcare

Young Shin Lee

Current CEO of Seers Technology

Sung Jun Han

Current CEO of Avixgen, CTO of Dx&Vx


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