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Trip.Biz Corporate Travel Conference 2024: Digitalized Business Travel Driving Cost Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement

HONG KONG, June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Group’s corporate travel management brand, Trip.Biz, hosted the Trip.Biz Corporate Travel Conference 2024 in Hong Kong, China, with the theme “Transform for Growth: Unlock Time and Cost Savings by Digitalized Business Travel.” 

The event was attended by approximately 150 customer partners, supplier partners, and representatives from global business travel associations such as GBTA, United Airlines, American Express, New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel, and more, who shared key breakthroughs and new trends in business travel. During the event, Trip.Biz announced the upcoming launch of the “Hotel Payment Solution” to further enhance its all-in-one corporate travel expense management service, simplifying the cumbersome tasks and processes of corporate travel management.

As a corporate travel management brand under Group, Trip.Biz is committed to continuously improving its solutions with innovative technology to provide global enterprises with comprehensive corporate travel management services to meet the growing demands of business travel.

Sherwin Dai, General Manager of Trip.Biz Greater China, emphasized the importance of Hong Kong in business travel in the Asia-Pacific region. Due to its geographical advantages, Hong Kong is a key location connecting various regions and the world, with 125 operating routes. He also highlighted, “Enterprises place great emphasis on the cost-effectiveness of short-haul business travel. A comprehensive business travel booking and expense management platform can effectively control costs, plan budgets, simplify processes, and evaluate effects.” According to Trip.Biz data, currently, 80% of business travel falls under short-haul journeys.

With an extensive hotel network covering major cities and popular business travel destinations worldwide, Trip.Biz caters to various business travel needs. Through the upcoming “Hotel Payment Solution,” employees can easily book hotel accommodations, while management and administrative personnel can effortlessly manage business travel expenses and expenditure data on the platform, simplifying reconciliation processes and reducing the administrative workload associated with reimbursement and other daily tasks, thereby enhancing overall corporate efficiency.

Elle Ng-Darmawan, Regional Director, APAC, GBTA highlighted that business travel in the Asia-Pacific region leads globally: “The Asia Pacific region accounts for the largest share of business travel spend globally at 42%. This statistic underscores the immense importance of this region in shaping the trajectory of the travel industry on a global scale.” She further emphasized that digital transformation is driving innovation in the business travel industry, with over half of companies willing to apply AI technology to increase management efficiency.

During the conference, various partners explored key breakthroughs and new trends in business travel industry, showcasing their dedication to the industry. Digital transformation and sustainable development were also core themes of great interest, with partners providing insights and exchanging ideas from different perspectives, including suppliers and users.

Trip.Biz will continue its dedication to providing All-in-One Digital solutions to help enterprises reduce costs, increase efficiency, drive business growth, and collaborate with partners to promote innovation and development in the business travel industry.

About Trip.Biz

Trip.Biz is a digital TMC powered by group. Headquartered in Singapore, Trip.Biz is elevating business travel management through human-centric technology, with rich inventory, and sustainable solutions, all on one platform.

With roots dating back to 2006, Trip.Biz has already garnered the trust of over 15,000 large-scale corporations and more than 980,000 small to medium-sized enterprises in business travel across the globe. Our global customer service POSs cater to clients across different time zones.

Trip.Biz is committed providing cost-effective and time-effective solutions that enable businesses to focus on what really matters – growth and success. By saving on travel, businesses can invest more in their core operations, expand their reach, and achieve their goals.


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