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Sun Hats and Cooling Towels: The Perfect Combo for the Summer

YIWU, China, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As summer arrives in the Northern Hemisphere, sun hats and cooling towels become a perfect match. Although the summer’s heat hasn’t reached its peak, the early arrival of spring in China has noticeably advanced the sales schedule for sun protection products. Numerous merchants in Yiwu have observed a spike in sales, particularly for items such as sun hats, hats, and face-kinis since February 2024. Additionally, with the growing awareness of “national fitness”, high-tech sport gear like “cooling towels” are seeing a surge in sales.

Sun Hats and Cooling Towels on the
Sun Hats and Cooling Towels on the, the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. According to big data from Yiwugo, from March 1, 2024, to May 12, 2024, the search volume rankings for keywords such as “hats” and “sun hats” has climbed from around the 40th place to around the 15th. During this period, the number of orders related to sun hats has remained nearly the same as in 2023, but the transaction value of these orders has increased by 1.65 times. Meanwhile, from April 1, 2024, to May 12, 2024, the number of orders related to cooling towels is 1.07 times that of 2023, with a year-on-year transaction value growth of 70%.

Mr. Zheng Xiongfeng, head of Yiwu Ruwei Clothing Co., Ltd., has been engaged in sports products such as towels and neck gaiters for many years. Seven years ago, he started producing cooling towels in response to customer demand. It was during this period that Disney buyers from Japan began cooperating with Ruwei, with the company exporting approximately 4 million cooling towels to Japan annually. This year, overseas orders came even earlier, with samples being prepared for clients as early as December 2023.

“Since 2022, the trend of sports fashion has been robust in China, and cooling towels have become popular in the domestic market,” Zheng said. By the end of April, there was a noticeable a surge in domestic orders for cooling towels. Anta, a well-known Chinese sports brand, chose Ruwei as its cooling towel supplier after a thorough selection process. The partnership has endured for over two years and continues to thrive.

In recent years, most of Ruwei’s new foreign orders have come from inquiries on the Yiwugo platform. As a leading manufacturer, Ruwei maintains a stockpile of 200 tons of raw materials for cooling towels in stock and oversees every step of the production process, from yarn procurement to fabric production and product cutting. This meticulous approach ensures control over every stage and fosters trust with clients, who often become long-term customers following sample evaluations and on-site inspections.

Hats remain a perennial industry in Yiwu, and this year’s sun protection season is no exception. Ms. Lou Shuhui and her Chengwen Hats Co., Ltd. have been in the business for nearly 20 years, primarily exporting baseball caps and bucket hats to over 30 countries, with an annual output value exceeding 50 million yuan. She noted an increase in orders from overseas brands this year. The company has been collaborating with Walmart for nearly six years, with annual transactions totaling around 2 million yuan. In 2021, they stood out among suppliers for Disney’s strict quality control on custom hats and have been working with them for three years, producing nearly 2,000 hats daily.

Another notable hat manufacturer, Fu Longnv, specializes in hats with UV protection materials. Her products, known for their SPF value, have a good reputation in the domestic market and the brand TUDROFI registered in the US has gained recognition in Europe and America. Since February, her company has been exporting outdoor sun hats with anti-slip buckles in black, white, navy, grey, and khaki. Customers frequently reorder every three days, and the company is busy with inquiries from foreign companies and buyers on the Yiwugo.

Haitao Hats Co., Ltd., a merchant in the Yiwugo industry belt, specializes in exporting fashionable yarn-dyed jacquard baseball caps. With an annual output of over 1 million caps, this 20-year professional hat manufacturer excels in fabric production, shaping machines, and the selection of lining and sweatbands. Currently, they are fulfilling a custom order for nearly 20,000 hats from a client in Tehran, Iran. In addition, they are discussing future cooperation after completing a trial order of hat brims customized by a procurement group from Guangzhou.

Amidst the scorching summer sun, sun protection products and cooling towels are in full swing for the peak season. Yiwugo stands out as the optimal platform for buyers seeking a wide array of best-selling products and reliable suppliers.


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