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Nuvilab Becomes B Corp Certified

SEOUL, South Korea, May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Nuvilab, a leading provider of food vision AI, announced its recent achievement of becoming a certified B Corp. The designation, granted by the non-profit B Lab, highlights Nuvilab’s commitment to a range of sustainable practices encompassing governance, employee relations, customer engagement, community involvement, and environmental performance. 

Nuvilab Earns B Corp Certification
Nuvilab Earns B Corp Certification

To achieve B Corp certification, companies must undergo a rigorous assessment process and meet a B Impact Assessment score of at least 80. Nuvilab has met the requirements, emphasizing its dedication to ethical business practices.  

Nuvilab, which also stands for Nutrition Vision Laboratory, is a company that places sustainability at the heart of its mission and vision. As a leading provider of food vision AI, Nuvilab stands out with its unique approach, leveraging data intelligence and vision AI to identify the type, amount, and volume of food intake and precisely analyze the nutritional value of food. This innovative method fosters healthy behavioral changes, providing unprecedented dietary insights. 

Primarily focusing on healthcare, Nuvilab provides nutritional insights and solutions to educational institutions, including daycare centers, kindergartens, schools, and hospitals in South Korea and internationally, creating social impact. By achieving B Corp status, Nuvilab is committed to contributing to sustainable and economic system change, emphasizing its expansion into providing meaningful insights with personalized nutrition analysis technology.


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