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Changhong Leads with Household Innovations at Jakarta Fair 2024

JAKARTA, Indonesia, June 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At the Jakarta Fair 2024, which opened its doors to the public on June 12, Changhong, a leading Chinese electrical household appliance maker, and its high-end brand CHiQ showcased a range of innovative products, including 98-inch Gaming TVs, OLEDs, Mini LEDs, and full-sized QLED Quantum Dot TVs, alongside energy-efficient air conditioners (ACs), portable AC units, FCC-integrated smart inverter refrigerators, and ultra-slim drum washing machines. The line-up highlighted Changhong’s strong technological capabilities and dedication to serving Indonesian consumers, stemming from its 26-year-long presence in the Indonesian market.

Changhong Leads with Household Innovations at Jakarta Fair 2024
Changhong Leads with Household Innovations at Jakarta Fair 2024

The Changhong 98-inch TV 98F8TPRO, boasting a 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate and a 4K ultra-high-definition quantum dot screen, offers a visually stunning experience with lifelike realism and enhanced contrast, perfect for gamers. The newly launched QLED TV series QCN1, with models ranging from 32 to 98 inches, delivers more natural colors through its wide color gamut technology and boasts greater energy efficiency than traditional LEDs. Additionally, the OLED A9K series and Mini LED MF8 represent the latest display technology, meeting the increasing consumer demand for superior picture quality.

Adhering to the principles of energy conservation and environmental sustainability, Changhong strives to make its air conditioners affordable and energy-saving. The newly launched portable mobile air conditioner is designed for versatility, ideal for use in bedrooms at night, living rooms during the day, or even kitchens while cooking, ensuring optimal temperature control across various settings.

After numerous technological iterations, Changhong’s FCC-powered smart inverter refrigerator utilizes an intelligent AI inverter algorithm to achieve precise temperature and humidity control, effectively suppressing bacterial growth and preserving the freshness and taste of food. The Space Pro series of washing machines, featuring a large 530mm drum diameter, can automatically adjust the washing program and water volume by sensing the weight and material of clothes, delivering an energy-efficient and eco-friendly laundry experience.

During the fair, Changhong partnered with the local e-commerce platform Tokopedia to offer consumers a compelling double cashback promotion, ensuring genuine discounts for all. Additionally, during weekends and holidays from June 12 to July 14, the company will host auctions with up to 70% discounts.

Since entering the Indonesian market in 1998, Changhong has garnered the trust and support of local consumers through relentless technological innovation and service enhancements. Looking ahead, Changhong plans to connect more with local customers, enhancing their life quality for a brighter future.


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