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Celebrating 1-Year Anniversary, JK Lab+ Melasma Treatment Cosmetics Have Reached 1 Million Customers

SEOUL, South Korea, June 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — JK LAB, a leading cosmeceutical product in Korea, proudly announces a significant milestone, serving 1 million customers with highly effective anti-melasma solutions. Its unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has fueled this remarkable achievement

High-quality skincare that focusing on melasma treatments

According to Statista, the worldwide natural cosmetics market is expected to reach $15.7 billion by 2025, indicating considerable development in the beauty business. Recognizing the urgent demand and the desire to give safe solutions, JK LAB studied and produced a specialized range of natural dark spot treatment products, giving the company a competitive advantage and difference as it enters the international marketplace.

Over the previous year of development, JK LAB has always prioritized our customers’ health and safety. Its melasma skincare products rigorously comply with the “3 No’s” principle, which includes no scents, GMOs, no parabens and dermatologist-tested.

Dedication to enhancement driven by a particular guiding principle 

–           No animal testing: JK LAB adheres to the policy of no animal testing during product research and development. JK LAB has implemented alternative approaches, guided by a philosophy that prioritizes people and the environment. This not only helps to safeguard animal rights, but also demonstrates JK LAB’s social responsibility and commitment to environmental conservation. Because of these efforts, JK LAB has earned the trust and support of both customers and the scientific community.

–           Eco-friendly beauty product: JK LAB is dedicated to the sustainable utilization of natural resources and uses and develops components derived from plants. The entire process complies with EU Green Chemistry requirements, including cultivation, harvesting, extraction, manufacture, packaging, and transportation. JK LAB uses exclusively natural materials for the production of its product packaging, which includes rhubarb, green tea leaves, and tree peony ink. In the process, waste is reduced, production materials are maximized.

–           Ingredient transparency: What has distinguished JK LAB as a distinctive cosmetics company over the past year is its unrelenting candor about every ingredient in its goods. JK LAB not only makes it simple for clients to search for components, but also instructs consumers on how to choose which product best suits their skin type. JK LAB adheres to the fundamental value of honoring the truth and persistently employs data derived from comprehensive research findings. JK LAB is now ranked among the best safe skincare companies because of this dedication.

JK LAB has reached a million dependable customers

During its year-long development journey, JK LAB has accomplished several noteworthy milestones. Three deep-acting melasma therapy products—Active Brightening Ampoule, Retin A Cream, and Sunscreen Broad Spectrum—were introduced and released by the brand in 2023. JK LAB debuted the White Perfect Gel Facewash in 2024 with the goal of purging pollutants and giving users a morning boost.

Achieving the one million customer milestone is even more impressive. This figure not only attests to the items’ efficacy but also shows how much our esteemed consumers trust us. Thousands of positive reviews support this accomplishment, and after just two weeks of product use, 95% of customers reported visible improvements in their skin.

Our products are now easily accessible to customers globally due to their extensive distribution network, which has made them available in numerous international marketplaces.

JK LAB: Revitalize your radiant beauty!

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