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135th Canton Fair Showcases High-End Stationery, Ushering in New Business Office Trends

GUANGZHOU, China, May 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — During the onsite exhibition of phase 3 of the 135th China Import and Export Fair (“Canton Fair” or “the Fair”), the Stationery section is bustling with crowds. Numerous top-notch companies within the industry gathered at the scene, showcasing their wide range of innovative products that are of high quality and exquisitely designed. These products precisely cater to the changing demands arising from trends such as mobile office work and personalized stationery, presenting the latest trends in business office to the visiting traders.

These products, ranging from portable printers by Zhuhai Elmer Technology Co., Ltd. to stylish file management solutions by Shenzhen Comix Group Co.,Ltd., and minimalist yet culturally rich pens from Beifa Group Co.,Ltd., are setting new trends in business office fashion by addressing the changing needs under mobile office and personalized stationery trends.

Beifa Group Co.,Ltd.’s focus on integrating minimalism with Chinese culture has resulted in high-quality stationery items that stand out for their exquisite design. The company brings its Tai Chi series fountain pens, a prime example of this design philosophy, incorporating traditional Chinese Tai Chi elements into their aluminum alloy bodies available in multiple colors and nib sizes. For more information, please visit .

Zhuhai Elmer Technology Co., Ltd. has taken a significant step forward in redefining business office experiences with its portable A4 printer series exhibited at the Fair. These printers can connect via Bluetooth to phones and computers for wireless printing of various document formats anywhere, anytime. Leveraging thermal transfer printing technology and built-in multiple intelligent sensors, these printers simplify operations by eliminating the need for ink additions and complicated paper loading processes. Please visit for more details.

Shenzhen Comix Group Co.,Ltd., a leader in China’s B2B office supplies service industry with Compera, and Vino, among other brands under its umbrella, introduces its flagship products, including professional laminating machines. They offer dual hot/cold lamination capabilities with quick preheating and smooth finishing options, enhancing flexibility in lamination processes. The inclusion of auto-feed film and one-press film release functions makes the product’s lamination procedure more versatile and controllable. Click for more information.

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