Add Some Fairy Light Magic in Time for Christmas

Christmas is almost here, and the holiday fever can be sensed from miles away. As stores are starting to bring in the best Christmas decorations, it’s time to think about adding a little magic to your home. What better way to do so than with some fairy lights to create that warm holiday vibe around the home and in the yard.

Fairy lights are such a versatile product with endless possibilities for decorating, all that’s left to do is let your imagination run wild. If you lack inspiration, below are some of our favorite ways to include fairy lights into your Christmas decorating ideas this year. 

Twinkling Christmas Mantel

Hanging fairy lights from the mantel is the perfect way to add some sparkle inside the home. Clear fairy lights look just like stars, combined with a Christmas tree garland made out of branches. 

You can go for a natural one if you’d like to, but our advice is to craft one out of a cheap, fake Christmas tree. The branches are easily malleable and can be braided to look just like a natural branch, and no trees will be harmed in the process. Decorate it with some fairy lights and simple red bows, and you got yourself a perfect piece for the mantle or table. And don’t be worried about leaving these on near plastic, as you can choose fairy lights with a low voltage system, which is very safe to use around plastic and won’t get heated.  

Transform the Garden with Beautiful LED Fairy Lights

Christmas trees shouldn’t take all of the decorations for the holiday season! Brighten up the backyard garden using LED fairy lighting, many products on the market are made for outdoors and are completely waterproof! Trees can be decorated in many ways with LED fairy lights, wrapped around the trunk, attached to each of the branches, or strung from tree to tree.

For the classic look simply hang the LED lights through the branches, twist them around the base of the tree, and do your best to tie them around the lowest branches while letting some strings drape to dangle in the wind. If you want to get more creative, you can even try to create shapes out of fairy lights and decorate the base of the tree with them. Whichever method you choose, make sure you look for waterproof lights, perfect for decorating the outside area. 

DIY Christmas Light Balls

If you are feeling crafty, then why not take on a DIY project? All you need are some fairy lights, in whichever colors you choose, some chicken wire, and some traditional wire to keep things in place. 

Mold the chicken wire into a ball, then secure it with wire. Start braiding the fairy lights through the chicken wire until you get the desired amount of light. How many strings of light you are going to need depends on the size of the ball, so start measuring! 

Wow your guests from the beginning

Want to impress your guests the moment they enter your home? Then don’t forget to decorate the entry hallway as well. For this, we are thinking – go big or go home! So why not hang a few fairy lights from the ceiling and recreate the impression of a starry sky above their head? 

If you like this idea, you can replicate it in any room, but it will have a much bigger impact if guests are welcomed by a multitude of stars the moment they set foot in your home. The good news is, these lights are environmentally friendly and won’t increase your electrical bill. 

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