Children’s Eczema Treatment – A Natural Approach

My child’s eczema was so severe she was hospitalised twice, had 12 months UV light therapy, daily bleach baths, regular antibiotics and up to 10 tubes of steroids a month.

Children’s eczema is very sad to see, and it not only affects a child physically it affects them emotionally. The itching, scratching, sleepless nights, can also affect their mood, tolerance and happiness. 

We were doing everything the doctors prescribed for us. But my daughters eczema was still spreading to new areas. 

It felt like a downward spiral, as we didn’t know what was going on.

Our only medical option was start long term immune suppressant medication to manage eczema, and we decided to take a holistic approach for her eczema instead. Fortunately, this approach worked and we have never looked back. 

This meant changing our diet, adding supplementation and moving to natural eczema creams.

As we were rebuilding her health from the ground up, we decided to develop our own natural eczema cream and eczema bath salts; all made in Australia.. These were designed to be a gentle and effective eczema treatment.

Why did we create our own eczema skincare?

  • My daughter’s skin was a mess, her body was weak and there was no end to her eczema in sight. As we were committed to re-build her from the ground up, it only made sense that we drew upon the knowledge we learnt in hospital and create natural eczema creams as an alternative.
  • We bought raw food grade ingredients and started to see what combinations worked best; We then engaged with the best organic formulation chemists within Australia to bring our products to market.
  • We replaced our bleach bath the Doctors & Specialists had prescribed to prevent eczema infections; And created a natural eczema bath salt. This was not only natural; it was gentle and toxic free. It contained Himalayan Salts, Dead Sea Salts (each containing over 130 minerals) + organic turmeric, neem, st johns wort, arnica, raspberry leaf extract – and gently calms and cleanses the skin.
  • Instead of 10 tubes of steroids, we created organic and natural eczema creams. Gentle skincare products – Level 1 & Level 2 Skin Relief. These beautiful creams, contain coconut oil, rosehip oil, turmeric, neem,  are the products we first use when managing an eczema flare up. 
  • We had gained years of experience, in and out of hospital with eczema management. Creating natural everyday skincare products was an important step in our journey.

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