Beauty Of Turban

Many women pack plenty of clothes for travelling, of which headwear is always a neglect. It’s not right. In some circumstances, proper headwear can ward you of unexpected climates and meet some local customs. There are a variety of headwear for women’s choice, such as hats, caps, scarves, turbans and so on. Here is a guideline of how to prepare proper headwear for perfect travelling.

Prepare for climate change

Before travelling, the first thing you need to do is to check weather information for your destination. It’s important to cover your head with headwear that is appropriate for different climates; otherwise, the bare head exposed to some extreme climates could result in heat loss from your body. In cold areas, you’d better go outdoors with a woolen or fleece hat on your head a scarf on your neck. In extreme conditions, it’s better to wear a hat with a hood on the top and make your scarf cover your mouth and nose.

Hats can be also helpful in protecting you from sunburn. Take a colourful hat with you in hot summer, it will not only keep your cheeks and hair well, but also add a new dimension to your beauty. Sometimes, it can be used as an temporary “umbrella” on unexpected showers.


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